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Miss Calendula

Botanical name: Calendula officinalis

Miss Calendula is Little Miss Fix-it. She is happiest when she is helping and teaching children how this wonderful herb is used.

Read about Miss Calendula in "Miss Calendula Saves the Day".

Did you know?

Calendula petals are edible and were once used to colour cheese and butter!

Nurse Lavender

Botanical name: Lavendula angustifolia

Nurse Lavender loves showing children how to use lavender to heal and soothe and make things better.​

Read about Nurse Lavender in "Nurse Lavender to the Rescue".

Did you know?

Lavender was sown into sheets years ago to prevent bedbugs from biting!

Sir Thyme

Botanical name: Thymus nummularis

Sir Thyme slays the germs to keep you fighting fit. Learn how the herb with the tiniest leaves can really pack a punch.

Read about Sir Thyme in "Sir Thyme Slays the Germs".

Did you know?

Knights were given scarves embroidered with thyme as a symbol of courage during medieval times.

Professor Rosemary

Botanical name: Rosemarinus officinalis

Professor Rosemary lives in Herb World. He loves to share his secret weapon with the elves, fairies, gnomes and you!

Read about Professor Rosemary in "Professor Rosemary Shares his Secret".

Did you know?

Oil of rosemary can promote hair growth. Put a few drops on your hairbrush or add to conditioner and massage into scalp.

Allie Aloe

Botanical name: Aloe Ferox

Allie's the guy with the coolest touch. Grow aloe in your garden. It can do so much!
Allie Aloe loves to rhyme and rap and sharing his cool tips.

Read about Allie Aloe in "Allie Aloe: The Coolest Herb in the Garden".

Did you know?

Aloe is 95% water. The other 5% contains natural antiseptics which can kill mould, bacteria and viruses.

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The Herb Lady

The Herb Lady keeps a watchful eye over all the communites in Herb World.

At the beginning of each season she organises a Herb World Market Day which sees a rare coming together of all the communities.

The Herb Lady features in all of the Herb World Books.

Did you know?

The Herb Lady is modeled from our very own 'Herb Lady' Lynn Kirkland, Herbalist and Founder of The Herb Farm.