About Us

Herb World was created from the desire to share the magic that nature has to offer with children and inspire the next generation to connect with nature.

Herb World features herb characters in the beautiful setting of Herb World who share their knowledge through interactive and engaging stories.

- Lynn Kirkland, Author -

Lynn’s passion for herbs started when she had her own family and now a new generation has come along. Lynn is the founder of The Herb Farm, a successful international business creating 100% natural skincare and healthcare products at its home in the Manawatu.


The idea of creating fun herb books that children would love came to her as a way of passing on her experiences using herbs straight from the garden. Her grandchildren Taj and Sia love learning about herbs and have given feedback as the stories were created.

- Craig Kirkland, Illustrator -

Craig, Lynn’s son, who growing up had lots of herbal potions used on him has become a talented artist and drawn the quirky and lovable characters who appear in the books.

- Sarah Cowan, Behind the Scenes -

Sarah, Lynn’s daughter and business partner of The Herb Farm is the organiser of the business end of Herb World. Sarah’s passion for herbs is strong and growing up Sarah used herbal potions on her animals and of course now uses herbs to help her own family.