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Herb World Eco-Heroes

Herb World Eco-Heroes

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Sir Thyme Slays the Germs Book & DIY Kit Set

Sir Thyme Slays the Germs Book & DIY Kit Set


About Herb World

Herb World is a place where elves, fairies and gnomes live in harmony with nature. The herb characters of Herb World and The Herb Lady, who keeps a watchful eye over the Herb World communities, are very important to the well-being of Herb World. 


The Herb World books and DIY Kits (soon to be released) give children an inspiring glimpse into life in Herb World and practical tips on how they can use nature in their own lives.

Herb World also actually exists (not just in the books and children's imaginations). You can discover Elven Hill, Fairy Forest, Gnome Island, The Hut and the Sanctuary, all nestled amongst the beautiful gardens at The Herb Farm, Ashhurst, New Zealand.


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